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Audio books are an excellent tool for working on your French listening skills. If you're a beginning- to low-intermediate speaker, you can buy the hard copy of the book and follow along while you listen to the tape or CD. If you're a more advanced speaker, try listening to the tape to see how much you understand. Good luck!

Balade en France
A collection of French travel articles in audiobook format, with two 70-minute audio CDs filled with interviews and discussions about different regions of France and a full-color book with a complete transcript of the audio and a glossary.

Conversations françaises
Les Relations transatlantiques (The French-American Relationship)

A bilingual audiobook comprised of three interviews with prominent French intellectuals about the relationship between France and the United States. Includes a 70-minute audio CD, full French transcript, and English translation.

Les Portes tordues
The Scariest Way in the World to Learn French

A bilingual audio/grammar book aimed at upper beginning and intermediate students.


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