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Language tapes and CDs can be an excellent addition to your French language studies. Here are a few that I've found.

Advanced French
by Mary Finocchiaro
Develops your advanced conversational skills. Four hours of listening exercises, supplemented by a 352-page coursebook, verb charts, and a summary of French grammar. Tapes

Advanced Ultimate French
by Annie Heminway
Fairly long and complicated conversations and exercises, word games, and translation exercises. Some of the topics are economics, fashion, the information highway, and the vineyards of France. Tapes

All-Audio French
by Annie Heminway
Six hours of beginning-intermediate level listening exercises. You'll learn everything from greetings and numbers to vocabulary for driving and flying. Tapes

Basic-Intermediate Ultimate French
by Crown Publishing Group Staff, Living Language
Pronunciation chart; simple conversations with their English translations; pronunciation, grammar, and cultural explanations; and some written exercises. Tapes

Complete French: The Basics
by Living Language
This best-selling program is designed to teach you or help you to remember the basics of conversational French. Includes coursebook, 4 CDs and French/English/French dictionary. CDs

Fast and Easy French
by Crown Staff
CD, booklet, and pronunciation guide. Learn 300 survival words and phrases for first-time visitors in a French-speaking country, including greetings, polite expressions, directions, numbers, and more. Tape

French Verbs: Skill Builder
by Crown, Living Language Staff
Four hours of instruction along with a lesson/reference book. The book includes conjugation charts for 150 verbs, a pronunciation guide, and a dictionary of grammatical terms. Tape

Learn French in the Car
by Helga Schier, Marie-Claire Antoine
Designed for parents to learn with their kids: games, songs, and other activities for learning about driving vocabulary while driving. Tape

Learn French in the Kitchen
by Crown Publishing Group Staff
Another program for kids to learn alongside their parents: 16 games and songs related to food, cooking, and eating, as well as a book and stickers. Tape


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